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1.) What are your hours?

Monday-Saturday 10:00am-6:00pm

2.) How often do you receive fish?

We receive fish Monday – Saturday from the Boston fish pier and 3-4 days a week from New Bedford. Local fisherman bring in shellfish and fish Monday-Saturday as well.

3.) Has any of your fish been previously frozen?

No, but we do have a freezer in our retail with some frozen items (listed on the frozen items list).

4.) Do you steam lobsters?

Yes we do steam lobsters, give us at least a days notice.

5.) Where is your store located?

15 Boxwood Cir, Falmouth, MA 02540

6.) Do you prepare fish?

No, but we make lobster salad rolls to order with a toasted bun.

7.) Can you get exotic fish?

Yes, if you give us a call we can order almost everything within a few days’ notice.

8.) How long do I steam lobsters for?

About 10 minutes per pound after the water is boiling.

9.) Do you have shellfish?

Yes, we have a variety of oysters, steamers, mussels, quahogs, and softshell crabs (in season).

10.) Do you shuck oysters?

We do not but we sell oyster shucking boards & knives

11.) Do you do clam bakes?

We are not currently doing clam bakes

12.) How many pounds do I order?

We recommend half a pound a person